Thornton Creek Elementary Teachers Support Those Who Are Boycotting the MAP

“We, the teachers at Thornton Creek Elementary, voice our wholehearted support for our colleagues around the Seattle School District who are refusing to give the MAP test. We are continuing to take time from teaching to proctor the test at Thornton Creek because we are making a good faith effort to continue our eighteen month negotiation with the District to replace the MAP with an assessment that is more relevant and humane to our students. This decision was made the afternoon we learned of Garfield’s action. Our continued administration of MAP should in no way be construed as approval of this flawed and expensive test.

Our experiences and research confirm our belief that the MAP inadequately evaluates students’ knowledge, diverts a lot of time and resources from the school, and narrows the scope of a quality education.

Teachers in Seattle were told the test would inform instruction. This is false: MAP is not helpful. The MAP does not evaluate what is being taught in our classrooms and does not give teachers feedback that could help us understand individual student needs. Teachers don’t know what is on the test and which questions a student got right or wrong resulting in baffling scores.

We object to the time and money the MAP takes away from curriculum and instruction. Teachers, librarians, and administrators are spending lots of time to develop testing schedules, troubleshoot ongoing network problems, and update the computers in time for the test administration. Sometimes building funds are used to hire proctors to administer the test since funds were not supplied by the district.

We strongly urge the Seattle School Board to direct District staff to discontinue the MAP and consult with teachers to find more appropriate measures of academic progress. The conversation about MAP at Thornton Creek is not over and we thank the Garfield faculty for strengthening our conviction for the work to come.”

As reported at Seattle Schools Community Forum


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