January 30 National Call-In Day and February 6 National Day of Action!

GET READY! THIS WEDNESDAY, January 30 is a national call/phone/fax day to tell Seattle Public Schools that you, your organization and your union stand with the teachers in the MAP test boycott. Send your message to Seattle Schools Superintendent José Banda:

Phone: (206) 252-0180
Fax: (206) 252-0209
Email: superintendent@seattleschools.org

If you send an email, share it with us here in the comments!

Next week, WEDNESDAY, February 6 will be a National Day in Solidarity with the Seattle Test Boycott. This can be an opportunity to gather petitions, pass resolutions and take solidarity photos that, again, can sent to https://scrapthemap.wordpress.com/.  Other possible solidarity activities could include a press release or press conference outside your local school district office with parent/teacher/community groups. If you are near the offices of one of the corporate education “reform” groups or education profiteers like test publishers, you can have a press conference or picket line.

Email us at scrapthemap@yahoo.com or use the “Contact Us” link to tell us about your plans!


4 thoughts on “January 30 National Call-In Day and February 6 National Day of Action!

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  3. I am writing to express my support for the Seattle teachers that have boycotted the MAP test, and to urge you to uphold your office by supporting policies that are educationally sound. Do what is best for the students. I know that you know that administering a standardized test full of questions about things that teachers were not supposed to cover that year and then using it for purposes that the test makers themselves say are invalid is NOT educationally sound. It is NOT best practice. You do not need to wait for a commission to review the MAP. The sole purpose of that is political. If teacher feedback were gathered and valued in the first place, this national embarrassment would not have happened to you. Your teachers and students are telling you that the MAP is a terrible test, it serves no purpose for the students (except to demoralize and demotivate them) and it is not a valid way to assess teachers. Even if you believe in using standardized testing to evaluate teachers–which you may have guessed, I do not—you should be using the best possible test. The one most closely aligned with the curriculum teachers are mandated to teach. One that has been validated for use in value added teacher evaluation. The MAP fits none of these criteria. Continuing to defend and administer the test in your district is simply making this episode into an anecdote on the lunacy of high stakes testing.

    Supporting your teachers, who are clearly standing up for what is right for their students, makes you a reasonable man, and more importantly, an EDUCATOR. Punishing your teachers would just shine a brighter light on the insanity of the current testing culture and outs you as someone who does not understand what education is really about. I guess it would put you in high profile company (Arne Duncan for one). I can only hope that you are a man of principle who, following the example of your teachers, and has the integrity to put the real education of students ahead of your own interests. When even Texas has organized a strong resistance to high stakes testing, ask yourself what side of history you want to stand on.


    Shelly Bender
    Former High School Science Teacher
    Chicago, IL

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