National Call-In Day Today!!

Call the Superintendent and Wear Red Today!


TODAY is a national call/phone/fax day to tell Seattle Public Schools that you, your organization and your union stand with the teachers in the MAP test boycott. Send your message to Seattle Schools Superintendent José Banda:

Phone: (206) 252-0180
Fax: (206) 252-0209

If you send an email, share it with us here in the comments!  Seattle teachers are also asking that all wear red for public ed every Wednesday in support of the MAP boycott until the test is taken off the table.

Next week, WEDNESDAY, February 6 will be a National Day in Solidarity with the Seattle Test Boycott. This can be an opportunity to gather petitions, pass resolutions and take solidarity photos that, again, can sent to  Other possible solidarity activities could include a press release or press conference outside your local school district office with parent/teacher/community groups. If you are near the offices of one of the corporate education “reform” groups or education profiteers like test publishers, you can have a press conference or picket line.

Email us at or use the “Contact Us” link to tell us about your plans!


One thought on “National Call-In Day Today!!

  1. Dear SPS Teachers,
    Thank you for taking up this issue and putting so much on the line for yourselves and your students. I am copying the message I sent to the Superintendent today. Solidarity!
    Josh Iddings

    Dear Superintendent,
    > I am writing you today as a Ph.D. candidate in Education, an activist and parent to show my solidarity and support for the Garfield HS teachers who have chosen to boycott the MAP test in your school district. You have a brave and important group of teachers who, like the Chicago Teacher’s Union and many teachers like them, have chosen to stand up for the rights of themselves and their students. THIS is a REAL history lesson for each of the students in your district. I hope that you understand the importance of your students having teachers like this as their instructors and role models. As we learned from the Chicago Teachers this summer, the working atmosphere of our teachers is the learning atmosphere of our students.
    > Scrap the Map!
    > Sincerely,
    > Josh Iddings

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