Ingraham PTSA Speaks on MAP

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Ingraham PTSA Speaks on MAP.

January 29, 2013

Dear Superintendent Banda,

The board of the Ingraham High School PTSA respectfully requests that the district suspend all MAP testing at the high school level, effective immediately.

Our PTSA represents the diverse community of parents, teachers, and students at Ingraham. We want our teachers to have the support they need to teach our students and effective tools to measure academic progress. An overwhelming majority of the teachers at our school have expressed a lack of confidence in the MAP as an appropriate assessment for our students. We trust the experience and judgment of our teachers, so we support them in their no–‐confidence stance regarding the MAP test.

We commend you for convening a Joint Task Force on Assessments and Measurements and are pleased to know that body will have recommendations in May. Given what we have heard from teachers about the MAP test, we strongly urge you to suspend its use until the work of the Task Force is complete and the district can demonstrate that the test is an effective use of resources. There are too few hours in the school year, and too few dollars in our budgets, to do otherwise.


Keiki Kehoe
PTSA President


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