Solidarity Statement from the Saranac Lake Teachers Association (New York)


On behalf of the Saranac Lake (NY) Teachers Association, we are writing to express our support for the courageous Garfield High School and Seattle teachers who are currently boycotting the MAP test.

We share the same concerns expressed by the Garfield and Seattle teachers about the harm that standardized testing has caused our schools and students.

The “high-stakes” and “pressure-packed” nature of these tests have reduced students to tears, and have forced special-education students to be seated for lengthy periods in order to take tests beyond their abilities and outside the range of their own Individualized Education Plans.

It is our hope that resistance in Seattle to unfair tests of questionable usefulness, like the MAP, will spread and result in an end to New York’s current assessment system and the nation wide standardized testing fixation in general.

In Solidarity,

Don Carlisto, Co-President
Melissa Devit, Co-President
Joe Thill, Vice President
Shannon Bartholomew, Executive Committee Member
Adam Brayshaw, Executive Committee Member
Suzanne Brosseau, Executive Committee Member
Amy Jones, Executive Committee Member
John Mathiason, Executive Committee Member
Jason Wamsganz, Executive Committee Member
Ellen Yousey, Executive Committee Member


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