Letter of support from Educational Equity Senior Capstone students at Portland State University

We are a cohort of students in the Educational Equity Senior Capstone course, at Portland State University, and we support the boycott of the MAP standardized test by teachers in Seattle’s Garfield High School. We believe that standardized tests are inequitable, and that a reliance on them for educational funding is unfair to many students and teachers. There needs be change in how schools, teachers, and students are evaluated on their performance.

Standardized tests have been shown to be biased according to privilege. Students of color and economic disadvantage are particularly at risk of being marginalized by such tests’ design. Unlike college entrance exams such as ACT and SAT, assessment tests such as MAP offer no clear benefit to students, particularly when we consider the amount of class time they take from other curriculum.

We encourage our fellow students and educators to acknowledge the National Day of Action to Support Garfield High School’s administration and teachers that are boycotting the MAP test.


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