Letter of Support from the Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association

To our brothers and sisters in the Seattle Education Association,

We in the Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association would like to extend our support and solidarity to the Garfield High teachers in their boycott of the MAP test and their stand against high-stakes testing. As librarians and information professionals who encourage self-motivated learning, content creation, and critical examination of information and who serve the same students that public teachers serve, we see the increased focus on standardized testing in schools as constraining the kind of creative and exploratory education that is possible in institutions of learning. Also, as fellow public employees are concerned about the people we serve, we appreciate the Garfield High teachers’ explicit support of their students in this boycott and for making it clear that their stand against the MAP test is both about improving their students’ learning experience and their own working conditions.

We ask that the boycotters not be punished for taking this stand for public education and for their students. This should be seen as a moment for meaningful dialog with teachers, students, and parents in the public school community about the future of education.

In solidarity,

Akunna Eneh, on behalf of the BPL PSA
Katrina Morse, on behalf of the BPL PSA Executive Board


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