34th District Democrats Solidarity Resolution

34th District Democrats

Resolution: Seattle Public Schools Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Tests

February, 2013

Whereas, the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) are underfunded and over-mandated, students, parents, teachers, staff and taxpayers agree that limited resources need to be used effectively.

Whereas, the continued administration of the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) computer administered test required to be administered twice per year and is frequently administered three times per year for students from K – 9th grade, negatively impacts student learning time, staff teaching time, and resources both human and libraries, computers, and comes at great cost;

Whereas, high stakes testing has not proven effective in lessening the achievement or opportunity gap in education;

Whereas, the Seattle Public Schools and its teachers already administer the HSPE, the End of Course exams, the DAPE, in addition to the many classroom-based assessments and placement tests in subject areas and find the administration of this flawed test to be duplicative and wasteful;

Whereas, the MAP test has been re-purposed by district administration to form part of a teacher’s evaluation, which is contrary to the purposes it was designed for, as stated by its vendor;

Whereas, the MAP test has also been re-purposed for student placement in courses and programs, including for admission to Advanced Placement Programs, for which it was not designed, as stated by its vendor;

Whereas, the technology administration of the MAP test has serious flaws district wide;

Whereas, the MAP test’s reported margin of errors are at times greater than students’ expected growth, especially in the 9th grade;

Whereas, the MAP test is given to Kindergartners and First Graders who are not computer proficient and frequently administered to those children who do not have computers in their homes and thus negatively impacts their scores;

Whereas, the MAP test is not taken seriously by students, and test scores are often wildly inconsistent, rendering them useless;

Whereas, the MAP test was purchased as a single source (no bid) contract under circumstances that represented a conflict of interest (our former superintendent, while employed by Seattle Public Schools held a position on the board of the vendor which was undisclosed to the SPS);

Whereas, during 2012, the MAP test results were found to be statistically invalid and were rescored;

Whereas, the MAP test was and remains unwanted, unneeded and unsolicited by SPS professional classroom educators, those who work directly with students;

Whereas, the SPS Administration and School Board have promised for years to evaluate the effectiveness and use of the MAP and has not done so, educators from several schools including Garfield, Chief Sealth International, Sanislo, Schmitz Park, and others have indicated they will boycott administering these tests;

Whereas, Superintendant Banda has indicated a task force will be formed of administrators, principals and teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of the MAP test, and possible suspensions of teachers will be given to those who do not administer the MAP test by February 22, 2013;

Whereas, the SPS Teachers enjoy support in their boycott by their union, Seattle Teachers Association and the Martin Luther King Labor Council;

BE IT RESOLVED, we, the 34th Democrats Legislative District do hereby support:

  1. The civil disobedient actions of the teachers boycotting administering the MAP test as it is presently used;
  2. Immediate suspension of administration of the MAP test;
  3. A task force be immediately convened by the SPS to include administrators, principals, teachers, parents, taxpayers and labor representatives to address the MAP test flaws and to develop and evaluate relevant measurement standards for student progress and to identify areas of improvement;
  4. The sending of this resolution to:
  • Superintendent Banda and his cabinet, Assistant Superintendents;
  • Each Seattle School Board member;
  • Each Seattle Democratic Legislative District organization;
  • The unions who serve SPS District;
  • The Legislators who serve City of Seattle districts;
  • The King County Democratic Central Committee;
  • Each SPS Principal with schools in the 34th Legislative District;
  • The West Seattle Blog;
  • The Save Seattle Schools blog;
  • The Seattle Times;
  • The Seattle Post-Intelligencer;
  • The Stranger;
  • The Weekly;
  • The Superintendent of Public Instruction;
  • The State Board of Education;
  • The Martin Luther King Labor Council;
  • The State Labor Council;
  • League of Education Voters;
  • Stand for Children;
  • The Washington School Directors Association;
  • The Washington Education Association;
  • Mayor Michael McGinn;
  • Each Seattle City Councilmember; and,
  • The Seattle Families and Education Levy Administrators, including Holly Miller

VOTED AND PASSED February 13, 2013.


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