Fresno Teachers Association Letter of Support

Fresno Teachers Association, representing over 4,000 members, adds our collective voice to thousands of teachers, parents, students, community leaders, professional organizations, and credible experts in the field of education in solidarity with the Garfield High School boycott of the MAP test.
This gesture of our respect honors your courage, professional integrity, and commitment as members of the noble profession of teaching.
At great personal risk, you have taken an informed and unprecedented stand against redundant, wasteful, and ill-conceived standardized testing which produces corporate financial gain but no evidence of improved student achievement.
With a focus of protecting educational opportunities for all students in the classroom, you have voiced critical questions about the national obsession with standardized testing and forced a more serious examination of that issue from the perspective of experienced educators rather than self-titled reformers.
In the face of threatened sanctions, your continued commitment to this cause has ignited a nationwide outpouring of support and encouraged teachers to examine their options in resistance to institutionalized oppression.
Your collective action is an inspiration to us. Thank you for making a difference during this most challenging era in the history of public education.

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