Mukilteo Education Association Solidarity Resolution

We,the members of the Mukilteo Education Association Representative Council, by a unanimous vote do hereby declare our support of the Garfield High School Teachers in their rejection of the administration of the MAP test. The MAP test has flaws as a student assessment tool, is not recommended by the publisher as a tool for teacher evaluations, and is therefore unsuitable for the purposes for which it is being used by the District.

The gains which high school students are expected to make on the test are within the margin of error of the test grading, thus the MAP test uses valuable instruction time and financial resources for a test that is statistically useless.

While we understand that the teacher’s collective bargaining agreement may allow the use of scores as part of teacher evaluation, the quality of the test must match the level of expertise that teachers themselves strive to attain. The MAP test was not designed to determine student mastery of content, but rather to measure and provide information to teachers on the instructional level of students. Using information that is only meant to be instructionally relevant as a measurement of teacher competency is unfair and unjust.

We believe that teachers must take a stand to protect their students’ right to have a learning environment that promotes the development of all of their talents and capacities, not just one that has a narrow focus based on test scores without benefit to student or teacher.

We applaud and support the teachers of Garfield High School in their stand to protect the integrity of the teaching profession and maintain the highest standards of the educational experience for its students.

The Mukilteo Education Association Representative Council
January 23, 2013


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