May Day Solidarity: Individual Solidarity Messages

The messages of solidarity with the MAP boycott for May Day have begun pouring in.  Below are some of the individual messages we have received.


Solidarity with and congratulations to all test boycotters who are showing the real value of decent education by refusing the commodification of an organic process into industrialised units of dehumanised measure!

Nick Grant
Secretary, Ealing National Union of Teachers west London UK and National Executive Committee member of NUT


As past president of Cheshire West National Union of Teachers I send solidarity greetings. We too face appalling government intervention in our schools.We fight the same fight. Solidarity!

Felicity Dowling


On behalf of fellow members of the National Union of Teachers branch in Newham, London, I send greetings and solidarity with your struggle.

Some years ago, the NUT operated a boycott successfully forcing the government to scrap Strategic Assessment Tests for 14-year-olds. You can win this fight!

We in the UK are now facing a savage attack on education in the form of covert privatisation of schools and reactionary cutbacks in the curriculum reminiscent of Victorian times, along with cuts in pay and pensions.

On behalf of future generations, we must win!

Roger Silverman



As a fellow educator and someone with a doctorate in educational leadership, I STRONGLY SUPPORT the Seattle teachers boycott.

Laura C.


Solidarity from London teachers!

Successive UK Governments have imposed high-stakes testing and league tables to divide schools and students alike.

Now the Tories want to use them to impose performance-pay and cut our salaries too.

Keep up the fight for education!

Martin Powell-Davies, member of the NUT National Executive for Inner London


Good for the courageous teachers who refuse to give the MAP. These teachers acted professionally and in the best interest of their students. Hooray!

Follow the money.

In solidarity,
Yvonne Siu-Runyan, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita, University of Northern Colorado
Past President, National Council Teachers of English


Please let Garfield staff know that they have the support of our group of over 50 homeschool families in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Also of many other local educators. Would send flowers but winter is approaching and our garden is dormant!

Cheers from Ken and Suesie in Toowoomba.


Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of City of Leicester branch of the National Union of Teachers can i offer our solidarity in your fight against useless tests.

High stakes testing isn’t about education. It’s about control.

Best wishes and solidarity on May Day.

Peter Flack (Assistant Secretary)


May Day greetings to you all.

Teachers are the guardians of standards in their classrooms: accept no inferior substitutes.

Your child or grandchild deserves to be appreciated for the wonderful individual they are. They are so much more than just a test score.

Let’s celebrate our children & work for an education system that recognises their talents.

They deserve no less.

Thank you for your principled actions in defence of education.

Best wishes,

Max Hyde
Vice President of the National Union of Teachers
The largest teachers` union in Europe


ON behalf of the 3000 National Union of Teachers in Oxfordshire, England, I want to pass our message of support for your test campaign.

We are behind you.

Dave Robinson
Ex-President NUT


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