NBC’s “Education Nation” to include MAP Boycott and Jesse Hagopian–Live on Sun, 12:00-2:00 ET PM | I AM AN EDUCATOR

NBC’s “Education Nation” to include MAP Boycott and Jesse Hagopian–Live on Sun, 12:00-2:00 ET PM | I AM AN EDUCATOR.

Garfield High School teacher Jesse Hagopian will speak about the MAP test boycott on the live national broadcast of MSNBC’s Education Nation “Teacher Town Hall,” at 12:00 – 2:00 PM ET/9:00—11:00 AM PT.

NBC’s annual “Education Nation” summit is a three day extravaganza exploring “What It Takes” for the nation “to ensure students are successfully prepared for college, career and beyond” as they put it.  This should be an important opportunity to raise the big questions about the direction of public education.  NBC, however, has come under increasing fire for marginalizing the voices of educators who are critical of the corporate education reform agenda. 

While not allowing many important voices of those who oppose these corporate reforms on the panel discussions at Education Nation, NBC has agreed to highlight the story of the MAP test boycott in Seattle and will call on me to speak about it at the “Teacher Town Hall” event.  It is clear that the power of the testing boycott could not be denied, as it has become a source of inspiration for a growing national movement to reclaim public education from those who seek to reduce the intellectual process of teaching and learning to single number–and then use that score to close schools, fire teachers, or stop students from graduating.

Spread the word and tune in to watch my challenge to the high-stakes testing!


2 thoughts on “NBC’s “Education Nation” to include MAP Boycott and Jesse Hagopian–Live on Sun, 12:00-2:00 ET PM | I AM AN EDUCATOR

  1. MSNBC needs to report on more stories like this! The teachers who did this are purely brave heroes! There is too much testing and too many standardized tests now being given in the American public schools, to the detriment of teaching students. Common Core, NCLB (No Child Left Behind) and RTTT (Race to the Top) are all 3 horrible and are hurting our students! I wish MSNBC would allow Diane Ravitch (former secretary of education under George W. Bush) to be on their Education Nation program. She will give everyone the true facts about American schools!

  2. I saw the clip on the Real News Network, and how the moderator was squirming around, trying to squeal, apparently getting his toes squeezed with a pliers while Jesse was talking. I don’t know how Jesse did that, but by all means keep it up. We need to free the educational system from the fascist hegemony at least as much as the corporate news media — and if kids are educated properly (including learning about George Orwell) that will become a major force regarding the press.

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