The following organizations and individuals have sent solidarity messages to show their support of the MAP boycott:

  • 34th District Democrats (resolution)
  • Adam Kline, Washington State Senator, 37th Legislative District (letter)
  • American Association of University Professors – University of Washington Chapter (statement)
  • American Federation of Teachers (letter)
  • American Federation of Teachers Seattle, Local 1789 (resolution)
  • American Federation of Teachers Corpus Christi (photo)
  • Ballard High School Teachers, Seattle, wA (resolution, photo)
  • Berkeley Federation of Teachers (resolution)
  • Berkeley High School Staff, Berkeley, CA (photo)
  • Beverly Park Elementary School Staff, Highline District, WA (photo)
  • Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association, Boston, MA (letter)
  • Brian Jones, Wayne Au, and other Educators and Researchers (letter)
  • Bridgeport Education Association, Bridgeport, CT (resolution)
  • Bridges Academy at Melrose Staff, Oakland, CA (photo)
  • British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (letter)
  • California Federation of Teachers (letter)
  • California Teachers Association (letter)
  • Castro Valley Teachers Association (letter)
  • The Center School Teachers, Seattle, WA
  • The Chalk Face (letter)
  • Change the Stakes (letter)
  • Chicago Teachers Union (resolution, video)
  • Chicago Teachers Union’s Caucus of Rank-and-File Educators (CORE) (statement)
  • Chicagoland Researchers and Advocates for Transformative Education (CReATE) (statement)
  • Chief Sealth High School Teachers, Seattle, WA (resolution, photo, video)
  • Coalition to Defend Public Education, Providence, RI (statement)
  • Daybreak Primary School Staff, Battle Ground, WA (photo)
  • Dearborn Park Elementary School Teachers, Seattle, WA (letter)
  • Des Moines Education Association (resolution)
  • Diane Ravitch, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education (letter)
  • Downtown Magnet High School Teachers, Los Angeles, CA (photo)
  • The Earth School Staff, New York, NY (photo)
  • Education Workers Caucus of National Coordinating Center of Labor Unions, Japan (letter)
  • Educational Equity Senior Capstone students at Portland State University (letter)
  • Educators for Democratic Schools, Baltimore, MD
  • Educators Network for Social Justice, Milwaukee, WI (photo)
  • Educultural Foundation
  • Elementary Education Department in the College of Education at San Francisco State (photo)
  • Everett Education Association
  • FairTest (statement)
  • Federal Way Education Association (letter)
  • Framingham Teachers Association, Framingham, MA (letter)
  • Franklin High School Teachers, Seattle, WA
  • Frederick County Teachers Association, Frederick, MD (resolution)
  • Freedom Socialist Party
  • Fremont Unified District Teachers Association (resolution)
  • Fresno Teachers Association, Fresno, CA (letter)
  • Garfield High School PTSA, Seattle, WA (statement, letter)
  • Garfield High School Teachers, Seattle, WA (statement, photo)
  • Graham Hill Elementary School Staff, Seattle, WA (letter)
  • Granite Falls MIddle School Staff, Granite Falls, WA (photo)
  • Hamilton International Middle School Staff, Seattle, WA
  • Hazel Valley Elementary Teachers, Burien, WA (photo)
  • Highline Education Association
  • Hudson Falls High School Teachers, Hudson Falls, NY (photo)
  • Ingraham High School PTSA, Seattle, WA (letter)
  • International Labor Solidarity Committee of Doro-Chiba, Japan (letter)
  • International Socialist Organization
  • John Carlos, 1968 Olympic medalist and protestor (statement)
  • Justice Party of Washington State (statement)
  • Lafayette Elementary School, Washington, DC (photo)
  • Leadership and Collaboration in Democratic Organizations Students, Chapman University, Orange, CA (photo)
  • Maria Carrillo High School English Teachers, Santa Rosa, CA (photo)
  • Matt Damon and Nancy Carlsson-Paige (statement, photo)
  • Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (resolution, photo)
  • Mount Si High School Teachers, Snoqualmie, WA (photo)
  • Movement of Rank & File Educators (MORE) New York City (statement)
  • Mukilteo Education Association (resolution)
  • NAACP Seattle King County (statement)
  • National Education Association (statement, press release)
  • New Jersey Teacher Activist Group
  • New York State Nurses Association (letter)
  • Niagara Wheatfield Teachers Association, New York (photo)
  • North Dakota Study Group
  • Occupy Austin Independent School District (photo)
  • Orca K-8 School Staff, Seattle, WA (photo, photo)
  • Oregon School Employees Association Chapter 40, Portland, OR
  • Oxfordshire National Union of Teachers (UK)
  • Parents Across America (statement)
  • Parent Voices NY, New York City (letter)
  • Pathfinder K-8 Teachers, Seattle, WA (letter)
  • Philippine-US Solidarity Organization, Seattle, WA (photo)
  • Portland Jobs With Justice (photo)
  • Prescott College’s Barrio Pedagogy Students and Professors, Tucson, AZ (photo)
  • Prince George’s County Educators Association (resolution)
  • Roosevelt High School Teachers, Seattle, WA (letter, photo)
  • Rutgers Future Teachers Association (photo)
  • Sacajawea Elementary School PTA, Seattle, WA (resolution)
  • Salmon Bay K-5 (Seattle) Staff, Seattle, WA (letter, photo)
  • San Diego Education Association, San Diego, CA (resolution)
  • Sanislo Elementary School (Seattle) Teachers, Seattle, WA (letter)
  • Saranac Lake Teachers Association, NY (letter)
  • Save CCSF (City College of San Francisco) Coalition (video)
  • Save Our Schools (statement)
  • Schmitz Park Elementary School Staff, Seattle, WA (letter)
  • School of Rebellion, Melbourne, Australia (photos)
  • Seattle Education Association (statement, photo)
  • Seattle School Librarians (letter)
  • Seattle Schools Student Senate (resolution)
  • Seattle Substitutes Association
  • Stadium High School Teachers, Tacoma, WA
  • Students United for Public Education (statement)
  • Superintendent’s Special Education Advisory and Advocacy Committee, Seattle, WA (statement)
  • Teacher Activist Groups (statement)
  • Teaching for Change
  • Thornton Creek Elementary Teachers, Seattle, WA (statement, photo)
  • Time Out From Testing
  • Trinational Coalition to Defend Public Education (statement)
  • Two Rivers School Teachers, Snoqualmie, WA (photo)
  • United Educators of San Francisco (resolution)
  • United Federation of Teachers (resolution)
  • United Teachers Los Angeles (photos)
  • University of California Los Angeles Teacher Education Program Students and Faculty (photo)
  • University of Illinois-Chicago Graduate Employees’ Organization, Local 6297 (photo)
  • Urban Teacher Education Program Students and Staff, University of Chicago (photo)
  • Washington Community Action Network (statement)
  • Washington Education Association MidState (letter)
  • West Seattle High School Teachers and Staff (letter)
  • Wingra School, Madison, Wisconsin (video)
  • The Work of European Americans as Cultural Teachers
  • Youth Undoing Institutional Racism (letter)
  • Zinn Education Project

*Don’t see your organization listed?  Email us and let us know!

15 thoughts on “Solidarity!

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  2. Scrap the MAP indeed! Yes… the MAP scandal is the “perfect circle”– a conflict of interest at the cost of taxpayers, children, parents and TEACHERS! It’s time for this national travesty to be demystified, unwrapped, and curricular decision-making power returned to professional teachers, parents, and students! Rocking on in Red with Education classes at Fairfield University and this 15-year veteran teacher. SEATTLE TEACHERS ARE OUR HEROES!

    • Congratulations to Seattle teachers for standing up for a system of assessment that supports growth and development of students and their teachers.

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